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Auditions for Pirate Booty Nov 18/20 2016

Announcing Auditions for

Open Auditions for The Forest Theater Guilds production of Pirate Booty, a world premiere opening in June 2017 at the Forest Theater, will take place on Friday November 18th 6:30-9:30pm and Sunday November 20th from 10am-4pm at the Carmel Youth Center on the corner of 4th and Torres.  All age and experience are welcome.  Please be prepared to have fun…a brief monologue and song would be ideal but, not completely necessary.  Tentative show dates: four weekends only in June, 2017.

Roles for adults & children
No previous theatrical experience required!  All ages and skill levels encouraged!

Sign-up for an audition time-slot here, or show-up and we will fit you in.


Cast of Characters for Pirate Booty:

  • Pirate Captain: An idiotic man with a brown beard in his 30s or 40s, a father figure
  • Cabin Boy: A handsome young man in his teens
  • Mermaid Princess: A beautiful young woman in her teens
  • Mermaid Queen: A beautiful woman in her 30s or 40s, a mother figure
  • Sharky: A seasoned pirate sailor man
  • Finny: A flamboyant pirate sailor man
  • Cockswain: A pirate sailor (man or woman)
  • Whaley: A pirate sailor (man or woman)
  • Matchy: A pirate sailor (man or woman)
  • Patchy: A pirate sailor with eye patch
  • Pegleg: A pirate sailor with a peg leg
  • Bones: A pirate sailor skeleton
  • Melody: A mermaid singer
  • Treble: A mermaid or merman
  • Timpani: A mermaid or merman
  • Triangle: A mermaid or merman
  • Trombone: A mermaid or merman
  • Patchwork: A merfolk with an eye patch
  • Peggy: A merfolk with a peg leg
  • Skelly: A merfolk skeleton
  • Parrot: A pirate kid leader
  • Pirate Kids: A group of pirate children
  • Mackerel: A merfolk kid leader
  • Merfolk Kids: A group of merfolk children