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Our History

old-forest-theatre-guild-logoOne of the oldest outdoor theaters west of the Rockies, the Forest Theater and the Forest Theater Guild was founded in 1910 by Herbert Heron and Carmel’s Bohemians to provide an open-air theater experience where plays could be produced by “locals who also have fun doing the acting, directing, lighting, costuming, and staging,” wrote Heron in a personal letter.

With support from foundation grants, the City of Carmel, local citizens and businesses, and visitors, the Guild plays a pivotal role in a magical collaboration that keeps the vision of its early founders alive today.

Empty Stage at the Forest Theater Guild in Carmel, CA
The Forest Theater Guild is a local non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting the performing arts in our community.
Forest Theater Guild Carmel California
The Forest Theater, after renovations by Otto Construction, including new grading and paving, stone veneer walls, integrated handrail lighting, additional light towers support, ADA compliance, added structural supports at the proscenium walls, and new stage flooring.