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Ron Josephs Actors Workshop

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE YOUR ACTING TO ANOTHER LEVEL?? The Forest Theater Guild is pleased to announce the upcoming collaboration with EmRon Josephmy Award winning actor, Ronald Joseph. Long time SAG member, Joseph has performed on stage, screen and television…his skill and experience has led him behind the scenes as well. His years of practice in the arts have culminated in a unique teaching style that he has brought to the West Coast to share with all of us. Primarily based on the David Alexander Technique, which he studied extensively, he also notes influence from Sylvana Galardo, who won the Russian Best Approach to Acting techniques. His years of training and experience, both on and off stage, will bring a unique blend of styles together to offer you the best of all worlds … The Forest Theater Guild is pleased to present Ron Joseph’s 2015 Actor’s Workshop – Imagery & Intentions, Featuring D.Alexander techniques
Beginning May 27- Wednesdays 7pm-10pm
Please call for more info & appointment 213-359-5987