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Christmas Ghosts of 1944 to be performed on the Monterey Peninsula

Christmas Ghosts of 1944 is short play centered around the defining life moments of George, played by local and longtime stage favorite Keith Decker. We get a brief glimpse of what has led George to be the cantankerous lonely old man he is today via a series of dream sequences, triggered by a marathon of holiday shows on the TV that has become his constant companion.
This play,  previously presented in the Bay Area, was written and will be directed by Carmels own dynamic duo, mother/daughter team  Kelly and Gracie Balestreri. A true community theater effort, sponsored by the groups Marina Sings and The Forest Theater Guild of Carmel with considerable support from Epiphany Church of Marina, the Carmel Youth Center and First Church of God Pacific Grove. A diverse group of local actors and dancers from all over the Monterey Peninsula  create a unique presentation of this play that includes dancing, singing, romance and reflections of years gone by. With veteran and new actors and dancers working side by side you are sure to recognize some of your regular stage favorites like Cheryl Karoly, Charles OBanion, James Landy, Kelsey Posey, and Craig Brown just to name a few. From some of our local High Schools and previous years productions you will recognize the talents of Jeremiah Lamph, Laurel Bowen, Ivy DiGirolamo, Jaydee Beaudry and many more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support the Thomas Carmen Food Pantry located in Marina, California ( has been in operation since 2002….just a few statistics from previous years… in 2013 they distributed 5,165 bags of food, serving 14,610 people including 4,115 children and 3,753 seniors. For information on volunteer opportunities or donations please visit their website above.